Venezuelan President Maduro says he will visit Iran soon

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would visit Iran shortly to sign cooperation agreements in energy and other sectors after Iran sent five fuel tankers to the gasoline-starved South American country.

“I am obliged to go to personally thank the people,” Maduro said on Monday in a state television address, without providing a date for the visit.

Nicolas Maduro said in a televised address a few hours ago, without mentioning the exact time of his upcoming visit to Tehran, that he would travel to Tehran as soon as the conditions for the corona issue improved and the conditions allowed.

Venezuelan President also praised the Iranian government for sending fuel carrying tankers to Venezuela, noting that he would participate in a joint commission with officials from the two countries on a trip to Iran to sign agreements on energy, agriculture, finance, and technology, science, and health.

The Venezuelan president’s remarks came as Iran recently sent five tankers to Venezuela despite US sanctions, which experts saw as a success for Iran.


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