Sokoto State, Police are out again to attack Sheikh Zakzaky followers

From what we are witnessing around, and the reliable information reaching us, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, through the Sokoto State Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Sani Ka’oje, is all set to drench yet again the seat of the Caliphate with innocent blood, and nothing could be more dangerous and distressing.

Security operatives have been prepared and given the green light to the heinous plan to assault followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in every of there gathering withing the State.

The scheme has already started seeing the light of the day. The heavily armed Police operatives arrived today in over thirteen vans and laid siege to the venue, where the weekly Ta’alim gathering takes place, for almost two hours. Some are still on the prowl near the area and beyond, and they have even begun Chasing and harassing resident around the centre of the movement

Despite avowal of the much vaunted rights to freedom of worship and peaceful assembly, Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers have been trampled upon, and their fundamental rights glaringly encroached and violated. For how long will those in power keep such inimical and flagrant abuses, even disregarding people’s feelings and inalienable rights!

Unfortunately , the Executive Governor of Sokoto State, have either failed woefully in tackling the banditry and kidnapping menaces bedevilling his states or have refused to apply the required wherewithal to have such threats nipped in the bud.

Therefore, should anything happen to the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky and their property in Sokoto, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal would be held responsible as the number one chief security officer of the state on whose table the buck stops.

Sidi Munir Mainasara


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