Al-Azhar Univ. head slams ISIL crimes

The head of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, the most influential seat of Sunni Muslim learning, has condemned the crimes committed by the Takfiri ISIL group.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an international conference on fighting extremism in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Wednesday, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb denounced as “barbaric crimes” the brutalities of the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

He said that the Takfiri terrorists plan to portray a false image of Islam, adding that they are acting “under the guise of this holy religion and have given themselves the name ‘Islamic State’ in an attempt to export their false Islam.”

He referred to religious, political and economic factors as the causes of the emergence of the terrorist group.

“But we should not ignore our own responsibility for the emergence of extremism that has led to the formation of organizations such as al-Qaeda and other armed groups,” he said.

“I wonder and ask why this blind division exists that has tainted Arab blood,” Sheikh Tayeb said.

He also referred to the US-led coalition that is targeting the positions of the Takfiri group in Iraq and Syria, calling on it “to confront those countries who support terrorism financially and militarily.”

Delegates from several countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, have participated in the conference.

The US-led coalition has launched hundreds of airstrikes against the ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria. Many of the countries joining the anti-ISIL coalition, such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, have been staunch supporters of the ISIL elements in the Middle East.

The ISIL terrorists control large parts of Syria and Iraq. They have committed heinous crimes such as beheading and mass execution of people in the areas under their occupation.


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