Bomb kills six near Shia mosque in Afghan capital

An assailant has detonated an explosive device outside a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least six people.

General Salim Almas, the criminal investigative director of Kabul city, said on Friday that the assailant, who was posing as a shepherd, detonated the explosives some 140 meters from the mosque while worshipers were passing by.

Medical sources said six people had been killed and 16 others injured in the terrorist attack, which came just ahead of Ashura mourning rituals.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the bombing; but both the Taliban and Daesh terrorist groups have targeted Shia mosques in the war-torn country in the past.

Concerns are growing over what appears to be an alarming spread of Shia killings in Afghanistan. Last month, more than 40 Shia Muslims were killed and more wounded in Kabul after Daesh terrorists attacked a mosque packed with worshipers.

That was the second attack by Daesh on a Shia mosque in less than two months. At least 32 had been killed in a similar incident in the western province of Herat in late July.

Criticism has grown over Kabul’s failure to take measures to better protect its Shia Muslim population against terrorist attacks.


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