Saudi, allies must pay the price for spilling Yemenis’ blood: Ansarullah

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has censured support for the Saudi-led coalition of aggressors in the wake of Yemeni retaliatory drone attacks on Aramco oil facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia, stressing that those who have no reservations at all about the bloodletting in the war-ravaged country must bear the consequences of their actions.

“Peace in the region can be restored only through dialogue and understanding, and away from the clatter of weapons. Yemeni people hope to see security and peace prevail across the Arabian Peninsula. They will never surrender to oppression and others’ domination,” Mohammed Abdul-Salam, spokesman for the Houthi movement, said in a string of tweets on Tuesday.

He added, “Those condemning the September 14 operation have indeed denounced themselves as they have exposed their blatant bias in favor of the aggressor. In fact, their condemnation would embolden the criminal regime to continue its criminal acts against our people.”

The senior Houthi official noted that “Saudi oil is not more precious than Yemeni blood,” emphasizing that those who have no respect whatsoever for the Yemeni people’s lives must embrace all consequences of their actions.

He pointed out that those who wish stability in international crude oil markets, must compel the Saudi-led military alliance to stop its aggression and blockade on Yemen.

“Yemeni people will spare no effort to relentlessly confront aggression and siege by all legitimate means. The next defensive operations will be harsher and more painful if aggression and siege continue,” Abdul-Salam said.

He underlined that members of the coalition of aggression, Saudi Arabia in particular, must realize that their bet on the United States for protection is a losing one, adding that Yemenis will not remain silent in the face of injustice.


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