YPC: US-Saudi Aggression Detaining 10 Oil Tankers, Raising Fears of New Crisis

Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) said, Thursday, that the coalition of aggression is still holding 10 tankers loaded with gasoline and diesel.

“The oil tankers have obtained entry permits to the port of Hodeidah, but the forces of aggression prevented their entry,” it added. Stressing that these arbitrary measures are nothing but a policy by the coalition to tighten the noose on citizens and increase their suffering

Fuel is needed for transportation, shortages have caused fuel prices to spike up to 200 percent in some areas, making the transportation of life-saving aid to communities-in-need more expensive.

The forces of the US-Saudi aggression continue piracy in the seizure of oil derivatives ships, while the United Nations remains silent that threatening the lives of all Yemeni people.



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