Escalation of Conflict Within Hadi Government Suggests Its End

The relationship between the pro-Yemeni President “Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi” and the Islah party on one hand, and the Emirates militias and the coalition countries on the other hand, is heading towards further escalation, after the dispute between them on a number of issues.

Observers believe that these differences give an indication of a real will to struggle within the “Hadi government” entity, warning of the repercussions of that.

Local news websites of the coalition revealed a sharp division within “Hadi government” members, following the imposition of the UAE “Moein Abdel Malik” as head of the “Hadi government”.

Those websites quoted informed sources saying that a number of advisers of “Hadi”, and some of the governing members of his government’s parliament openly expressed their rejection of Moein continuation in the government.

The sources emphasized that the leaders of the “Hadi government” warned of the catastrophic repercussions in the event that “Moein Abdul Malik” be returned to the presidency of the “Hadi government” to implement Emirati tasks that undermine the sovereignty of Yemen, and the “transitional” militias could control the southern provinces.


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