Ansarullah forces invades ISIS terrorist centers in central districts

The Yemeni army along with Ansarullah forces invaded ISIS terrorist centers in this country, and took the control of their safe heaven.

The Yemeni army and popular committee forces successfully liberated some districts formerly under the control of ISIS in Al-Bayda province on Monday.

According to this report, the Yemeni Army and Ansarullah carried out an operation in the Al-Qayfa district located in Al-Bayda province and brought the heights of Jabal Nufan and Safwan district under their control.

Saudi-affiliated forces have sent about 150 terrorists from the Abyan governorate, Hadhramaut region, and Al-Bayda to Marib province during recent months, according to Yemeni media.

These measures have been taken after heavy defeats of Saudi aggressor forces and mercenaries in Al-Jawf and Marib.

-ISIS terrorist


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