Yemen’s Ansarullah threatens Saudi Arabia with Crushing days

Yemen’s Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi, confirmed that “the coming days will carry surprises and Yemeni land will be liberated from invaders and occupiers.”

“This is not a media advertising, but if we say we do the words already,” al-Atefi added, in his speech to the field commanders of the Sixth Military Zone in Khab Wa al-Sha’af district of al-Jawf province, according to al-Masirah channel.

“The armed forces today are crossing thresholds towards a new phase and moving firmly and steadily towards achieving a great victory,” he pointed out.

“The forces of aggression must understand that they will not remain on Yemeni soil, the consequences will be dire for Coalition’s countries if they continue their crimes against Yemeni people,” the Minister of Defense said.



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