Associate Minister of Defence Reveals Failed Plans of Israeli Enemy in Yemen

Associate Minister of Defense Major General Ali Al-Kohlani confirmed that Yemen was the object of the Zionist and colonialist entity’s ambitions, with the complicity of the former regime.

Major General Al- Kohlani told Almasirah, Monday, that the enemy’s eyes are on the Bab al-Mandab and the Yemeni islands, pointing out that the presidency and the leaders of the security services in the former regime were proceeding with normalization steps with the Zionist entity.

He pointed out that the visits between the former regime and the Israeli enemy were secret and confined to certain levels, indicating that the former Yemeni President, Ali Saleh, was ruled by foreign ambassadors, led by the American ambassador.

He said, “They believed that signing the Gulf initiative was the beginning of going to normalization by disrupting Yemen’s constitution.”

Al-Kolani asserted that September 21 Revolution destroyed the dreams of normalization and the ambitions of the enemy in Yemen, as the Yemeni people are a free people who will not accept normalization and are proud of their support for the Palestinian issue. He also emphasized that the Palestinian issue is the first issue of Yemen, and in our military doctrine as Yemeni armed forces, the first enemy is the Israeli entity.

He explained that the main goals of normalization with the Israeli enemy are to occupy the region, militarily or economically, indicating that the Emirates and Egypt were stations for the passage of Zionist products to the countries of the region. “After the year 2006, the American ambassador came and asked us to give them about a third of the city to be the headquarters for his meetings and activities, and we refused that completely”, he said.
“After I left the Economic Corporation, a headquarters for the American embassy was opened in the residential city for unknown businesses, and this suggests high coordination”, Al-Kolani added.

He revealed that the commercial exchange and the arrival of Israeli goods to the Yemeni market came under the banner of the “GATT” agreement and other indirect addresses.

He continued, saying: “We noticed during the period of work in the economic establishment the extent of the damage caused by commercial goods and pesticides manufactured in“ Israel ”.


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