Al-Qaeda killed Imam opposed to Saudi aggression in Yemen

Al-Qaeda elements in Yemen have assassinated a Yemeni Imam known for opposing Saudi Arabia’s bloody military aggression against the impoverished country in the central province of Hadhramaut.

Two bike-riding al-Qaeda terrorists assassinated Sheikh Abdul Bari Al-Aidrus, the Imam of a mosque in the province’s Shibam district, on Friday.

Yemen’s official Saba News Agency said the religious figure was famous for his opposition to the Saudi military aggression against Yemen.

The Al Saud regime started the military strikes on Yemen in late March – without a UN mandate – in an attempt to weaken Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and bring the country’s fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh, back to power.

The UN says at least 2,600 people have been killed and 11,000 others wounded in the conflict in Yemen since March 19.
Meanwhile, the Yemeni al-Masirah TV network reported that Saudi warplanes had bombarded separate locations in Sa’ada Province in Yemen’s northwest. According to the television, aerial bombardment claimed the lives of 30 people in Razeh and Bagim in the province.

The DPA, meanwhile, reported that a car bomb went off in Ibb Province in northwestern Yemen on Saturday, killing and injuring tens of people.

Separately, it has been reported that the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees destroyed a hideout of al-Qaeda terrorist elements in the country’s Sana’a Province, and purged three strategic military posts in the central Ma’rib Province of the presence of al-Qaeda elements.


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