Arab nations


Normalization serves Israel’s regional interests: Hamas leader

Hamas leader once again denounced the normalization of relations between Arab states and Israel, saying such a move serves the…

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Middle East

UAE’s ‘hypocritical’ behavior ‘unforgivable’: Turkey

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry denounced the recent agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Israeli regime.…

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Quranic teachings is only way to Defeat US-Israel project: Abdulmalik Al Houthis

In the annual anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyed Hussain Al-Houthi, the revolution leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik revealed the importance of…

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Middle East

UAE minister: Arab world need “strategic shift”, Call for open ties with Israel

A senior official in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has called on Arab nations to change their decades-long strategy of…

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