Normalization act of betrayal against al-Quds issue, Palestinian cause: Sheikh Naim Qassem

A high-ranking official with the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has strongly condemned normalization with Israel as a betrayal of the…

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Bahrainis protest normalization deal with Israel despite clampdown

Bahraini protesters have staged rallies across the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom, denouncing the recent agreement between the ruling Al Khalifah…

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Hezbollah ‘will never recognize Israel, victory matter of time’: Nasrallah

Hezbollah’s secretary-general Nasrallah says the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s move earlier this month to normalize relations with Israel was a…

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Why Doesn’t Saudi-Emirati Bloc Act To End Southern Yemen Conflict?

Since the UAE-aligned Southern Transitional Council announced autonomy in the south of the country in late April following accusations against…

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