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‘Myanmar publishes fake photos of Rohingya crisis’

The grainy black-and-white photo, printed in a new book on the Rohingya crisis authored by Myanmar’s army, shows a man…

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Afghanistan: 36 Militants Killed, Wounded in Ghazni Airstrikes, Ground Operations

At least thirty six militants were killed wounded during the airstrikes and ground operations in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.…

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‘Tajik aircraft bombs Afghan border after fatal clashes’

A Tajik aircraft has bombed a northeastern Afghan border area after two Tajik border guards were killed in cross-border clashes…

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Afghan Government accuses Taliban of holding women and children hostage

The Afghan Taliban ambushed a convoy of buses on Monday on a road in northern Afghanistan and took more than…

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Afghan president offers Taliban new ceasefire for three months

In the wake of deadly terror attacks across the country, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani declared a provisional three-month ceasefire with…

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Daesh claims responsibility for Shia schoolchildren massacre in Kabul

Daesh terrorist group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that targeted an area of Shia Muslims in the Afghan…

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At least 48 Shia Muslim students martyred in Kabul suicide bombing

A suicide bomber killed at least 48 Shia Muslim students preparing for university exams in a Shia neighbourhood of Kabul,…

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Taliban, Afghan govt. claim embattled Ghazni city

The Taliban and the Afghan government forces have both claimed to have taken control of the country’s eastern city of…

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Taliban raid Ghazni, seize parts of central Afghan city

Heavy fighting is underway in the Afghan provincial capital of Ghazni following an attack by Taliban militants, with gunfire and…

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Roadside Bomb Kills Eight Afghan Civilians

Eight civilians, including women and children, were killed in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday when a roadside bomb apparently targeting security…

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