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Hundreds of Taliban militants stormed Afghan District, suffering dozens of casualties

Hundreds of Taliban militants stormed a district in Afghanistan’s western Badghis province, with both Afghan government forces and the militant…

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US War in Afghanistan Was ‘Ridiculous’ From Day One

US President Donald Trump is right to term America’s endless war in Afghanistan “ridiculous” after meeting with NATO generals in…

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Taliban killed 30 civilians, Badakhshan district falls to Taliban

At least 30 people, including civilians and police forces, have been killed in separate attacks by Taliban militants across Afghanistan,…

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Two American Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Two American service members were killed during an operation in Afghanistan on Friday, the NATO forces said, providing no further…

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Shia shrine rocked with bomb blasts on Eid Nauroz in Kabul

Three explosions have struck near a Shia shrine and cemetery in western Kabul as people gathered there to mark the…

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6 kill, 23 wounded in multiple explosions in Kabul

At least six people have been killed and 23 others wounded in multiple explosions in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul during…

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50 Afghan forces surrender to Taliban, Militants control western province of Badghis

Dozens of Afghan security forces have surrendered to the Taliban during intensified fighting by the militants for control of Afghanistan’s…

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Huge blast rocks eastern Afghanistan

Police has blocked the accident area and does not permit people to come near the accident scene. No reports have…

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CIA failure, Mullah Omar “never stepped foot in Pakistan,”: Book reveals

A new book says the late Taliban leader and co-founder, Mullah Omar, had long been living within walking distance of…

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Anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari martyrdom became victim of terror blasts

At least three persons were killed due to many blasts that rocked ceremonies commemorating the 24th anniversary of martyrdom of…

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