The New American Oil Empire Built on Sand

Latest daily production is just above 12.1 million barrels a day. In November 2018 for the first time in decades…

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A Guide for Walking to Imam Hussain a.s

A Guide for Walking to Imam Hussain (Peace & Blessings be Upon Him) Millions of people are heading towards Karbala…

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Imam Zainul-Abideen (A.S.) Who Safeguarded the Husaini Revolution

On the fifth of the blessed month of Sh’aban, in the year of 38 A.H., Imam Husayn’s (A.S.) wife gave…

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Strikes on Saudi Oil Planets, US Empty Threats on Iran

It is now over a week since large-scale, surprising, and crisis-making attacks were launched on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities…

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“Dancing Israelis” and 9/11 mystery

By Paul Craig Roberts The “Dancing Israelis” who turned out to be Israeli Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the…

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Why Did Saudi-Emirati Yemen Talks Fail?

The negotiations between the representatives of the separatist groups in southern Yemen and the resigned government of Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi…

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Events that Led to Day of Ashura, Momentous Day in History of Islam

Every year on the 10th of Muharram in the Islamic calendar, millions of Shiite Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam…

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Allama Iqbal and Imam Hussain

Iqbal’s range, quality, and quantity are truly impressive. Apart from Urdu, he also wrote prodigiously in Persian and is regarded…

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Hezbollah, an Extension of Ashoura

As the crescent of Muharram arrives, we cannot but remember our great martyrs who drew an ongoing path for Ashoura,…

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What’s Driving New Saudi Shakeup?

On Saturday, the Saudi Crown Prince in separate decrees dismissed senior officials and introduced new figures to the posts. Significant…

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