Daesh bomb attack hits northern Iraq: Army

Iraq’s army says three suspected Daesh Takfiri terrorists have died after blowing themselves up in northern Iraq but there were…

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Iraqi forces arrest 6 ISIS militants in Kirkuk

Iraqi security forces arrested on Wednesday six members of the ISIS militant group in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk, the…

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Iraq announces reopen strategic border with Syria in coming days

Iraq has announced plans to reopen a strategic border crossing with Syria in the coming days, a military official said.…

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U.S. grants Iraq 90-day waiver to buy Iranian energy: State Dept.

The United States granted Iraq a 90-day waiver exempting it from sanctions to buy energy from Iran, a State Department…

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American embassy in Iraq is acting as the US-Israeli operations room against the region

A prominent Iraqi security expert revealed intensifying US pressures on Baghdad to avoid approving a bill that envisages expulsion of…

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Over 70 Mass Graves of Izadi Victims of ISIL Discovered in Northern Iraq

Over 70 mass graves, containing the dead bodies of tens of Izadi people who were massacred by the ISIL terrorist…

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Iraqi court sentences Belgian man to death for Daesh membership

A court in Iraq has sentenced a Belgian national to death by hanging over his membership in the Daesh Takfiri…

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Iraqi security forces blocked to Penetrate ISIL terrorists into Al-Anbar

The Iraqi security forces have blocked the penetration of a group of ISIL terrorists to the town of al-Qaem in…

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Any attack on Hashd Sha’abi forces amounts to violation Iraqi Sovereignty

An Iraqi legislator has condemned recent remarks by US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino against pro-government Popular Mobilization Units…

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US relocated ISIL terrorists from Syria to Iraq: Security Expert

The US has relocated the ISIL terrorists to Iraq from Syria through heliborne operations in cooperation with its allied militants…

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