A high-ranking Iraqi delegation arrived in Beirut to meet with Lebanese PM

A high-ranking Iraqi delegation consisting of ministers of oil, trade and agriculture arrived in Beirut today (Friday) to discuss trade…

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Lebanon warns Israel over ‘dangerous’ gas exploration bid

President Michel Aoun has warned Israel against its “extremely dangerous” bid to explore oil and gas on Lebanon’s maritime border,…

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Americans directly interfering in Lebanon’s affairs, President Aoun says

President Michel Aoun has censured Washington’s ‘direct’ interference in the internal affairs of Lebanon, against the backdrop of comments by…

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Hezbollah Condemns US ambassador’s hostile behavior

Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah on Sunday denounced US ambassador’s hostile behavior, calling its statement as “a flagrant…

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Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly: US ambassador Must Apologize

Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly hailed Saturday the decision issued by the Urgent Matters Judge in Tyre, Mohammad Mazeh, who prohibited the…

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Foreign Funding behind riots, vows to sue road blockers: Lebanese minister

Lebanese Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi on Friday said authorities possess 0certain and confirmed information that foreign interference and financial support…

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Israeli fighter jets fly low over Beirut despite Lebanon’s complaint to UN

Israeli fighter jets have once against violated Lebanon’s airspace and flew at low altitudes over the capital Beirut, irrespective of…

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Hezbollah threatens Israeli regime with precision-guided missiles

A video clip released via social media shows the coordinates of the Israeli regime’s sensitive places in the occupied lands…

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Lebanese army on full alert due to presence of Zionist troops on border

News sources reported that the Lebanese army is on full alert following the presence of dozens of Zionist soldiers and…

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Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Rejects Federalism & Confederalism, Resistance Allies Will Win

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the party’s creed has not changed since 1985, pointing out that…

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