US administration Utilizing Lebanon’s Protests for Political Purposes: Hezbollah

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush stressed Wednesday that the US administration and its allies are exploiting…

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Hezbollah Makes Third of Lebanese Population, Can’t Be Excluded: President Aoun

Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed that no one has the right to force him to exclude Hezbollah from taking part…

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One killed and several protesters wounded in Lebanon

In Lebanon, a man has received a fatal wound during an altercation with army soldiers as protesters defied a call…

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Americans taking advantage of protests in Lebanon for own interests: Nasrallah

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says Americans are exploiting the ongoing mass protests in the Arab…

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We want to combat corruption in Lebanon: Hezbollah MP Raad

Head of Hezbollah Parliamentary bloc, Hajj Mohammad Raad, stressed that the party may never be strong-armed, adding that the badly-needed…

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Lebanon’s grand mufti demands formation of emergency national government

Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian has called for the formation of a new emergency government of technical experts,…

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Hezbollah will have ‘proactive presence’ in future government: Sheikh Qassem

Hezbollah will have a ‘proactive presence’ in the future Lebanese government, says Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary general of…

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Even government resignation fails to stop Lebanon protests

Even government resignation fails to stop Lebanon protests because the demonstrators want volte face changes in political system.

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Hezbollah support to protesters calls for speedy government creation

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem called for a speedy government creation in order to prevent the negative consequences…

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Berri: Greek-French Firm Exploring Oil within Lebanese International Waters

The Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday revealed, during his weekly meeting with the members of the parliament at…

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