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Trump Says US Will Immediately Impose Punishing Sanctions on Iran

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday the United States would immediately be imposing “additional punishing sanctions” on Iran after missile…

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Putin Holds One-on-One Meeting With Turkish Counterpart Recep Erdogan

Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Istanbul on Tuesday after a brief visit to Damascus where he met with his…

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Washington May Ask India to Provide Military Base Against Iran

Amid growing tensions in West Asia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held wide-ranging talks with US President Donald Trump on…

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Trump Says ‘All is Well’ After Iran Launches Missile Strikes on US Forces in Iraq

Defence Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman has confirmed that Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at US forces in…

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Russian President Putin Makes Visit to Syria, meet president Assad

Russian President Putin’s visit to Syria comes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East following the US killing of Iran’s…

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US-led coalition temporarily relocates headquarters from Iraq to Kuwait: Report

The the US-led military coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh terrorist group has reportedly relocated its headquarters in Iraq to Kuwait…

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US Defense Secretary denied preparation for “movement out of Iraq” 

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has denied that the US military has announced preparation for “movement out of Iraq,” after…

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US not to leave Iraq, unless they pay for our base: Trump

US President Donald Trump has vowed to launch sanctions on Iraq after the parliament votes to ban the American forces’…

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Al-Shabaab attack on US-Kenya base leaves 3 Americans dead

One American military service member and two Department of Defense (DOD) contractors have been killed in an attack on a…

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US will hit Iran with world’s best weapons of war: Trump’s new threat

US President Donald Trump has once again threatened to strike Iran “harder than they have ever been hit before” using…

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