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German Citizens behind ISIL Suicide Bombings in Syria, Iraq

Eight German citizens have been confirmed to be behind the suicide attacks carried out in Syria and Iraq on behalf…

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US-israel,Qatar, KSA, Turkey backed ISIL Terrorists Capture Kurd HQ in Syria’s Kobani

ISIL terrorists overran the headquarters of Kurdish forces defending the battleground Syrian border town of Kobani on Friday, a monitoring…

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US general says Iraqi forces can defend Baghdad against ISIL

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has said that the Iraqi army could act independently in deterring threats…

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CIA already present inside Syria: Analyst

A political commentator says the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has already deployed a large number of forces, trainers and…

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More Jews have joined Islamic State, French official says

There are a number of Jews among the more than 1,000 French citizens who have joined the Islamic State, a…

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US air raids against ISIL deliberately ineffective: Analyst

The US-led airstrikes against the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group near the Syrian border city of Kobani are “deliberately ineffective,” an…

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Kerry: Saving Kobane Not Part of Strategy

The US secretary of state said Washington is deeply concerned about the “tragedy” in the Syrian town of Kobane, where…

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Cooperation with Syrian Gov’t Needed to Battle ISIL

The success of the US-led coalition’s campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group depends…

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ISIL uses Qatar-linked arms: Evidence hint

Evidence suggests that weaponry, supplied by Qatar to insurgents in Syria, have ended up in the hands of ISIL Takfiri…

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US, Turkish Military Teams to Meet Next Week on Fighting ISIL

A joint US-Turkish military team will meet next week in Ankara to discuss the fight against the Takfiri group operating…

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