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Egypt PM Shafiq resigns amid pressure

Egypt interim Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has resigned, following weeks of anti-government protests demanding that the government be purged of…

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Protests spreading in Bahraini capital

Anti-government demonstrations in the Bahraini Capital, Manama, have spread from Pearl Square — as the hub of the protests —…

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Jordanians rally for prisoners release

Hundreds of people have staged a rally in Jordan’s capital, Amman, to call for the release of over eighty political…

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Libyan infantry commander joins people

The commander of the Libyan army’s infantry forces has joined the revolution against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, and the international community…

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Bahraini Shia Opposition Leader: If Saudi Military Intervene in Bahrain Affairs, We Ask Help from Iran

Bahraini protesters in response to the news that if Saudi military intervene in the internal affairs of Bahrain for the…

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bahrain:18 Shia MPs resigned from the parliament

Lawmakers from the largest parliamentary bloc in Bahrain have protested at the government-ordered bloodshed of pro-democracy protesters by staging a…

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Tunisia names new prime minister

Tunisia’s interim president has appointed Beji Caid Sebsi as the country’s new prime minister shortly after Mohamed Ghannouchi announced his…

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Libyan protesters control western cities

Libyan pro-democracy protesters have taken control of several western cities while they are trying to seize the capital city of…

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1000s die in Libya, reports of poison gas

Libya’s deputy ambassador to the UN says thousands of people have been killed during protests, as unconfirmed reports have come…

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Bahrain holds mass anti-regime rally

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have taken to the streets of the Bahraini capital, demanding an end to the…

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