Terrorists enjoy support of Bahrain monarchy, Iran responds at summit

Terrorists enjoy support of Bahrain monarchy, Iran responds at summit where head of Iran’s Parliamentary delegation said so.

Notably, , Fatemeh Hosseini gave a decisive response to Bahraini representative’s anti-Iranian remarks at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) summit.

She saisd that unfortunately, terrorists in the region enjoy the support of various regimes, such as Bahrain today.

Furthermore, she urged such states to review their destructive policies and look at the realities of the region. Iranian delegation head believed that by so doing “we can witness peace and stability in the region”.

Moreover, she said that Iran has a strong role to play in the fight against terrorists in the region.

She also condemned Bahrain’s representative’s anti-Iranian remarks.

Head of the Iranian parliamentary delegation at the 145th IPU Summit expressed these views in Belgrade, Serbia.

Fatemeh Hosseini referrred to baseless and fictitious claim against Islamic Iran. And she noted Iran condemns the continuing policy of distorting the realities of the region.

To Iran, it remains surprising that those supportive of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS takfiri are making such hostile remarks against their neighbors”.

Meanwhile, Iranian delegate cited that countries like Yemen today remain frustrated due to dangerous policies in the region.

Islamic Republic of Iran has always played a constructive role in the fight against terrorism, especially against the Takfiri terrorists in the region.

The MP noted that the presence Iran in some countries in the region to fight Takfiri terrorists is at the official invitation of their governments.

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