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Message from Lebanon and Iraq to US bloc

Message from Lebanon and Iraq to US bloc must not go unnoticed. Anti-government protests in Lebanon and Iraq have not changed anything on the ground. Status quo prevails in both countries.

Message from Lebanon and Iraq

High time for US bloc to read lesson the whole episode has brought for them. Particularly, US administration or its Deep State as bloc leader must realise its Lebanon-Iraq policy failed.

Israel factor

First of all, US bloc policy for Lebanon and Iraq focused on advancing interests of Israeli regime. US bloc sees everything in that narrow perspective.

However, for Lebanese nation Israel remains enemy number one. For them Israel remains occupier of their own land, let alone Palestine.

Although these two points fall in the domain of national security, foreign policy and defense doctrine, economy also remains interlinked.

How? US bloc offers loans in the guise of aid on the condition that Lebanon has to pay an additional mark up or interest. And that additional mark up or interest means: either recognize Israel or at least allow Israel to meddle into Lebanese affairs.

Iran factor

Simultaneously, Israel factor influences US bloc’s entire Middle East policy. Due to that, US bloc demonises Iran. US bloc’s anti-Iran and pro-Israel narrative goes against factual position.

Historical facts

For well-aware prudent people of Lebanon, history remains an impeccable guide for them. Hence, they turn down anti-Iran, pro-Israel narrative of US bloc.

Factually, Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978 when pro-Israel Reza had ruled Iran. Why Lebanese people accept pro-Israel and anti-Iran narrative of US bloc?

Even in 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon, Khomeini-led Iran itself was fighting Saddam-imposed war. How US bloc can blame Iran while taking side of Israel?!!

Lebanon national interest

Israel continues to occupy Lebanon. The Jewish entity has grabbed Lebanese resources even in sea. Israel continues to violate Lebanese sovereignty, territorial integrity. Has US bloc taken any sort of action to defend Lebanon against Israeli threat?

Ludicrously, US bloc has been exerting pressure on Lebanese state to obey their pro-Israeli Lebanon policy. According to the US bloc, Lebanese state has to take action against Hizbullah. As a matter of fact, Hizbullah is a legitimate stakeholder in Lebanese state and integral of political establishment. The party enjoys mandate of Lebanese people. In other words, US bloc don’t respect mandate of Lebanese and they detests democracy and democratic rights of Lebanese.

For mature sincere Lebanese leaders, US bloc policy goes against national interest of Lebanon. Therefore, they cannot act upon US bloc dictation.

US bloc absurd Lebanon choice

Interestingly, pro-Israel Maronite Christian Samir Geagea of Lebanese Forces LF party has opposed President Michel Aoun, a Maronite. But, for LF party head Saad Hariri remains first choice for heading a new ‘non-political’ government.

The demagogue has made this laughable

statement. If any government led by Saudi national Saad Hariri will remain non-political!!?? How? But, this ridiculous statement has exposed US bloc. Otherwise, message from Lebanon remains loud and clear: even after all this, Israel remains number one enemy of Lebanon. Would US bloc come to help Lebanese state in war against Israel?

By Mohammad Ammar for Shiite News Exclusive

(Message from Iraq to US bloc to come next).




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