Pakistan army veteran sees US base attack a proof of Iran defense might

Pakistan army veteran sees US base attack a proof of Iran defense might.

Lt-Gen Talat Masood (retd) said that Iran avoided big damage to the American troops despite the capability to do so.

The senior Pakistani defense analyst said that precise strike on the US targets at Ain al-Assad base shows the high-tech capability of Iran.

While talking to IRNA, he said that Iran proved it may hit targets anywhere in the region and beyond.

Furthermore, he also noted Iran’s reaction to the US strike as very careful which helped to avoid any further conflict.

Pakistan army veteran

However, he warned the warmongering forces that Iran’s ballistic missiles can cause a lot of damage to US forces in the region.

He said Iran’s long-range ballistic missiles can carry large payload and can hit anywhere in the region and beyond.

Pak Army’s veteran said that the recent developments show that Iran doesn’t want to escalate tensions with the US further.

He noted that after the assassination of General Soleimani situation got tensed but Iran with its wise moves controlled the situation from aggravation.

He said Iran is a major regional power that enjoys the full support of its people who are united.

General Talat Masood (retd) said that US President Donald Trump is also facing an impeachment case against him.

Therefore, he said, Trump also doesn’t want to get involved in any new conflict with Iran.

Trump will restrict to sanctions

Moreover, he said he thinks President Trump would only confine himself to statements.

He further said Trump would try to put pressure on P5+1 for more sanctions on Iran.

However, he noted unity of Iranian nation as another important thing because they are standing behind their armed forces. He called it the actual strength of Iran.

However, US administation is trying to understate the losses while hiding facts.

But, debris at Ain al Assad shows Iran broke US power image.


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