Jafaria Alliance warns against sectarianizing of Coronavirus in Pakistan

Jafaria Alliance warns against sectarianizing of Coronavirus in Pakistan where media hype aims at pilgrims but the disease which originated in China and then hit South Korea and Italy the most.

Senior scholar Allama Syed Razi Jafar Naqvi urged the government to take action against malicious media campaign against Zaireen (pilgrims).

While addressing Jafaria Alliance meeting, he called for end to the media hype that aims at misleading people on Coronavirus.

Jafaria Alliance warns against sectarianizing

He termed the reports as baseless and condemned those who overstated some suspected cases to sectarianize the Coronavirus.

Moreover, he said some elements were created sense of fear in Pakistan.

Jafaria Alliance head Allama Razi Jafar warned against plots to divide Muslims on sectarian lines on the pretext of Coronavirus.

Allama Hussain Masoodi, Allama Baqir Hussain Zaidi, Allama Rajab Ali Bangash, Allama Furqan Hyder Abidi, Allama Nisar Qalandari, Shabbar Raza and other leaders attended the meeting.

The alliance demanded the government to ensure safe return of Pakistani Zaireen from Taftan border to their homes immediately.

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