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Shia community a victim of systematic marginalisation in Pakistan

By Eye Ali / Shiite News Exclusive


Shia community has been suffering from systematic marginalisation in Pakistan since long. From organised attack in the name of so-called sectarian differences to enforced disappearance and malicious media trial, to genocide, they have experienced the worst.

Keeping in view their unmatched sacrifices and services for the sake of Pakistan, patriot Pakistanis know who began marginalizing them. And they also know why!

Minor daughter of a Shia missing person has asked DG ISPR:

Uncle! I and my mother and many others are sitting outside President Arif Alvi’s Karachi residence, when you people would come to address our grievances!!!

How Shia Muslims served Pakistan

First of all, Pakistan came into being due to leading role the pre-partition Shia leaders played in the subcontinent. Even Pakistan’s founder, father of Pakistani nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a Shia Muslim.

Pakistan’s unsung heroes

Furthermore, philanthropists such as Raja Sahib of Mehmoodabad had donated wholeheartedly for Pakistan. Shia Mirs (rulers) of princely Khairpur state annexed their state to Pakistan.

Credit for developing banking sector in Pakistan goes to Habib group of notable Khoja Shia family. Isphahani Shia family founded Pakistan’s aviation industry.

Agha family from Shia community served Pakistan on diplomatic front. Agha Hilali left India for Pakistan because Mr. Jinnah sought his services for this new Muslim nation-state.

His brother Agha Shahi too served Pakistan well. He too left behind historic legacy for future diplomats of Pakistan.

More about Shia services for Pakistan

Iskandar Mirza, the first Muslim graduate from Sandhurst, was a Shia Muslim. He was elected first President of Pakistan. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was its first Governor General.

General Musa, a Hazara Shia led Pakistan Army in 1965. He was second Muslim Chief of the Army Staff of Pakistan. General Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan succeeded him.

Shia community of Gilgit-Baltistan got them liberated without any support and joined Pakistan. Thousands of Shia soldiers and jawans embraced martyrdom defending the motherland Pakistan.

Mushaf Ali Mir served Pakistan as Pakistan Air Force Chief. He embraced martyrdom in a mysterious plane crash.

These some points show Shia Muslims services cannot be overlooked.

Noteworthy to cite that Pakistan’s joining the US-led Western bloc’s so-called Afghan jihad began destroying the entire fabric of Pakistan’s society.

Due to the US-led proxy war against then-USSR, these powers made Pakistan prime scapegoat.

Since Saudi monarchy became integral part of the US-led Western bloc’s fight against then-USSR, therefore, they controlled the Afghan war.

Certainly, together with their allies, they established mosques and seminaries where they hired and trained sectarian fanatics for so-called Afghan jihad.

They promoted intolerant Wahhabism’s sectarian hatred among its cohorts in Pakistan. They hijacked the idea of Pakistan and made Jinnah’s Pakistan an undeclared colony of House of Saud.

Since their self-claimed Afghan Jihad, the drug and weapon smugglers also jumped in and sold out heroin and automatic lethal weapons. That criminalised and radicalised many Pakistanis.

Incidentally, Iranian nation had brought out an Islamic revolution under Ayatollah Khomeini that condemned foreign powers in the region.

Iranian revolutionary rid Iran of undeclared US domination and blamed US and Israel for all problems of Muslims, Arabs and oppressed humanity.

That narrative angered US and they outsourced the anti-Iran job to Saudi monarchy. So, they made Pakistan the battleground and made Shia Muslims of this ill-fated country their scapegoat.

They literally acted upon give dog a bad name and then hang him. Anjuman Sipah-e-Sahaba (present-day ASWJ), mother wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi came into being.

They overstated sectarian differences and began demonising the entire Shia community and blaming Iran for Shia ideology that was untrue.

It seems that ASWJ/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi played proxy role in the regional great game in Pakistan. They and likeminded fanatics began killing Shia Muslims under that US-Saudi plot. They massacred Shias in mosques. Their suicide bombers exploded at Shia congregations.

They perpetrated Shia genocide and their social media pages conducted media trial of Shias. The takfiris didn’t spare even Sunni Muslims due to sectarian differences with them. They bombed shrines of Islamic saints.

Finally, they and like-minded groups targeted security forces and even attacked GHQ, ISI, SSG personnel, etc. They massacred schoolchildren at APS Peshawar.

Even then, they face no stern action. It saddened patriot Pakistanis to see action being taken against the victims of said takfiri terrorism, the Shia community.

Biased and rogue elements within the security agencies keep targeting peaceful Shia community under various pretexts. They carry out Shia-specific witch-hunt. They subject Shia youths to enforced disappearance.

Shia community and many around the world call it systematic marginalisation of Shia community in Pakistan.

Shia Muslims are neither separatist nor involved in any sort of anti-state armed campaign. The community poses no threat to any constitutional institution and entity in Pakistan. Nevertheless, Shia Muslims are being marginalized, in whose interest?

Shia community has no Manzoor Pashteen but the community sees that eve Pashteen enjoy more liberty and freedom in Pakistan. The Shia community asks power that be: how long Saudi monarchy’s dictated anti-Shia policy will remain enforced?

Director General ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor had said in his press conference that Manzoor Pashteen should set up camp in his own area.  He said Pashteen should make demands from there and then government and army officials would themselves go to meet his demands.

Due to his statement, an innocent minor daughter of a Shia missing person has asked DG ISPR: Uncle! I and my mother and many others are sitting outside President Arif Alvi’s Karachi residence, when you people would come to address our grievances!!!

Most importantly, minor children accompanied by grandma keep asking: Uncle President, Uncle Prime Minister, Uncle DG ISPR, when our fathers will return homes?!!!


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