Allama Niaz chides Prime Minister for not defending oppressed Yemenis at OIC Makkah Summit

Veteran Islamic scholar Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi has expressed grave concerns over Prime Minister Khan’s silence vis-à-vis oppressed Yemeni Muslims whom Saudi-led military coalition has been targeting since 2015.
Vice president of Milli Yakjehti Council Allama Niaz, however, praised Prime Minister of Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir.
He also hailed Khan’s support to independent Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital.

\Also, vice president of Federation of Shia Islamic seminaries Pakistan criticized Saudi Arabia-led Arab regimes for not including Kashmir issue in Makkah Summit’s final declaration.
He said that Saudi-led alliance of regimes toe the US and Israeli line against Iran. He accused Saudi-led allies of joining US and Israel for the sell-out of so-called deal of the century.
Allama Niaz said that worldwide support and massive public participation in Quds Day rallies vindicated Iranian Palestine policy. He said Quds Day 2019 pronounced verdict against Saudi monarchy and its allies.
He said that Saudi bloc is making all out efforts to grant OIC membership to India.
Allama Qazi Niaz said that Saudi monarchy misused OIC Makkah Summit to advance Israeli-US interest against Iran.
He said Islamic teachings clearly support the oppressed people and turn down oppressors and oppression.

Allama Niaz Yemen OIC Makkah Summit


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