Pakistan analyst foresees successful Japanese mediation between US Iran

Pakistan’s senior security analyst Muhammad Hanif strongly believes that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit to Iran will help defuse tensions in the region.
Retired colonel Muhammad Hanif, a former Research Fellow of Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), expressed this view in his article.

Daily Times published the article wherein Mr. Hanif suggested all concerned parties should make Mr Shinzo Abe’s initiative successful.

He said Japanese mediation aims at easing tensions between Iran and the US.
Also, he cited that the US is still fighting the long Afghan war.

Furthermore, the analyst said that people of Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries such as Pakistan are suffering from its spillover .

Therefore, he alerted that the US war or military action against Iran will be catastrophic for the Middle East in view of aftermath of wars in Iraq and Syria.

He warned that such an action may transform into a long war and Pakistan will likely suffer because of neighbouring.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Hanif also considered it a positive development that President Trump has welcomed the initiative of Japanese Prime Minister.

Japanese Iran US mediation


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