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Banned sectarian terrorist outfit ASWJ campaign against Prime Minister Imran Khan

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Banned sectarian terrorist outfit ASWJ aka Sipah-e-Sahaba has launched a malicious campaign against Prime Minister Imran Khan. The latter has given an example comparing role of Muslims in two wars in the early Islamic history.

ASWJ or Sipah-e-Sahaba, mother organization of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terror outfit seeks to play sectarian card.

As per authentic and mutually agreed Islamic history, Muslims had to lose War of Ohad because some companions had disobeyed the order of Prophet of Islam.

The latter had asked the former not to leave the position where he had deployed them in War of Ohad. But, they left the positions and enemies of Islam and Muslims attacked from that positions and won their lost war.

As compared to Ohad, Muslims won War of Badr despite the fact that their army comprised of only 313 people.

But, some hatemongering fanatics are trying to misinterpret the Prime Minister, himself a Sunni Muslim. They are accusing him of blasphemy although they know well those companions of Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad were fallible.

In theory, these fanatics and some clerics admit the fact that the companions were not infallible but in practice they adore them as infallibles.

People of Pakistan fed up with these ludicrous charges. And they also know that ASWJ’s Azam Muavia allied with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI government in Punjab.

So, whom the ASWJ, mother of all terrorism in Pakistan want to hoodwink? Their Saudi masters also have good relations with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Would Muavia Azam and their Saudi masters would like to part ways with Prime Minister Khan or continue to play on both sides of the wicket??

The followers of Deobandi school of thought need to revisit their policy in view of irreparable losses these outfits caused to Islam and Muslims.

People across the world scorn Pakistan, Islam and Muslims due to this takfiri ideology. And this ideology originated from Saudi monarchy’s official sect Wahhabism/Salafism.

Also, they hijacked and got Deobandis converted due to Afghan war against then-USSR. Why they don’t repent what happened to Islam, Muslims and Pakistan due to their obedience to Saudi monarchy?

It is high time for them to redeem because ASWJ/LeJ originally hail from Deobandi school of thought. Please let Pakistanis live in peace and harmony.

Enough is enough and it all must end now. Don’t defame Islam and Muslims by takfirism. You cannot declare other Muslims infidels, heathens or pagans because they don’t accept your interpretation.

I am not voter or supporter of Imran Khan or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. But, I can swear and state it on oath Imran Khan’s said citation is not blasphemy because Islamic history books replete with details of it.


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