US Military Rejects Iraqi Demand, Offers Partial Withdrawal

The US military has offered senior Iraqi security officials plans for a partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq, reneging on…

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Seyed Ammar al-Hakim: US Should Leave Iraqi Soil

Leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement Seyed Ammar al-Hakim deplored the US moves to undermine the Arab country’s national sovereignty…

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‘Multiple rockets hit American military base in Baghdad’

Multiple rockets hit a US military base near the country’s embassy in Iraq’s capital early Sunday, an American military source…

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Military Base Hosting US Troops in Iraq Comes Under Rocket Attack

A rocket attack hit an Iraqi base in the province of Kirkuk where US troops are stationed, AFP reported, citing…

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Iraqis gather to honor Gen. Soleimani, PMU’s deputy cmdr. Muhandis

People in Iraq have held a ceremony near Baghdad International Airport to commemorate the 40th day after martyrdom of Iran’s…

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US forces ‘to start withdrawing from 15 bases in Iraq’

Ali al-Ghanimi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee, confirmed on Monday that US troops had withdrawn…

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NATO mulling over expanding Iraq mission: Report

The Western military alliance of NATO is reportedly mulling over expanding its “training” mission in Iraq with the declared aim…

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US to exempt Iraq from sanctions against Iran, Iraqi officials say

The United States has announced to Iraq its readiness to renew sanctions waivers allowing the country to continue importing gas…

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American troops of Ain al-Asad having role in transferring data to ISIL

An official from Iraq’s Hashd al Shaabi organization, on Sunday, informed of the role of American troops in US airbase…

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Two commanders of Muqtada al-Sadr’s movement killed in Iraq

Two commanders of Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s movement have been killed in separate attacks in the span of 24 hours…

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