Sadr is part of Resistance, pleased to see him alongside Khamenei: Iraqi MP

All options are on the table in response to Israel’s recent drone strikes targeting Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), also…

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Iraqi forces dismantle terror planning ahead of Arbaeen in Samarra

Iraqi security forces have dismantled a terrorist group as it was planning attacks on Shia Muslims during mourning rituals on…

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Netanyahu’s annexation pledge aggressive electoral propaganda: Iraq

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial pledge to annex the Jordan Valley in the…

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Ayatollah ‎Bashir al-Najafi offers condolences to victims of Ashura stampede

In a statement, one of the revered Najaf-based sources of emulation offered condolences ‎on the martyrdom of a number of…

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Iraq: Hashd al-Sha’abi forces foil drone attack on military base

Hashd al-Sha’abi forces have reportedly thwarted an airstrike by an “unidentified” unmanned aerial vehicle on a main military base in…

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31 pilgrims die and dozens injured in stampede during Ashura rituals in Karbala

At least 31 pilgrims lost their lives and dozens more sustained injuries in a stampede during the Muslim religious rituals…

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Tens of thousands of Shia pilgrims gathered in Karbala to commemorate Ashura

Tens of thousands of Shia pilgrims gathered amongst heightened security on Monday (September 9) in Karbala to commemorate Ashura. Each…

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Tasu’a mourning ceremony kicks off in Imam Hussein’s Holy Shrine

Tasu’a mourning processions are being held at the holy shrines of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and Hazrat AbolFazl…

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Hashd Shaabi Uncovers Mass Grave West of Anbar

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces announced on Sunday they have uncovered mass grave containing remains of fifteen people in Al-Qaem province…

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Over 4,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq’s Mosul in One Month of US Airstrikes

A Qatari newspaper unveiled the death of thousands of civilians in US airstrikes on different regions of Iraq, and at…

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