Iraq: Haider al-Abadi names himself Hashd al-Sha’abi head

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has declared himself the head of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units, only a few days…

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Iraqi parliament holds first session since May election, fails to elect speaker

The Iraqi parliament has held its first session since May’s national election, which signals important progress in forming a new…

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Iraqi Rival Groups Both Announce Parliamentary Blocs to Form New Govt.

Rival Iraqi political factions said on Sunday they had each formed alliances capable of forming a government in the new…

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Iraq, Russia, Iran, Syria military chiefs discuss security, intel cooperation

Senior military commanders from Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria have met in Baghdad and exchanged views on security and intelligence…

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Protesters denounce US interference in Iraq’s domestic affairs

Hundreds of Iraqis have taken to the streets of the capital, Baghdad, to vent their anger at the US meddling…

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Iraqi PM sacks Hashd al-Sha’abi head; group calls it ‘illegal’

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has dismissed his national security adviser Falih Alfayyadh from all his positions over what the…

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Terrorists kill 11 in Iraq’s Nineveh, Kirkuk provinces

At least 11 people have been killed and several others sustained injuries in two separate terrorist attacks in Iraq’s Nineveh…

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Flag changing of Imam Ali’s holy shrine on Eid al-Ghadir

Expressing the happiness of this great event -Eid al-Ghadir in which Imam Ali (PBUH) was appointed as the supreme successor…

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UAE-Leaks: Abu Dhabi Attempting to Separate Al-Abadi from Iran

A leading Lebanese newspaper revealed documents showing that the UAE is trying to create a rift between Iraqi Prime Minister…

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Car bomb attack kills 11 in Iraq

A car bomb attack has hit a security checkpoint in Iraq’s western Anbar Province, leaving at least 11 people dead…

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