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Car bomb attack kills 11 in Iraq

A car bomb attack has hit a security checkpoint in Iraq’s western Anbar Province, leaving at least 11 people dead…

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Senior Daesh militant commander killed in Iraq’s Diyala infighting

A high-ranking commander of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group have been killed when members of two rival foreign-sponsored militant groups…

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Iraq: UN team collecting ‘Daesh massacre’ evidence

A team of UN investigators has started work in Iraq aimed at collecting evidence on the massacre of the country’s…

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Death sentences to 14 Daesh terrorists over Camp Speicher massacre upheld

The Iraqi Judiciary has upheld death sentences against more than a dozen convicts involved in a June 2014 massacre by…

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Iraqi Supreme Court ratifies May 12 parliamentary election results

Iraq’s Supreme Court has ratified the outcome of the contested May 12 parliamentary elections in the country, giving the victor,…

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Several terrorists killed in Iraqi air raids on Daesh operations room

The Iraqi Air Force has attacked the “operations room” of Daesh in neighboring Syria, killing several militants plotting to carry…

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Daesh terrorist living as an Iraqi refugee arrested in US

An Iraqi man arrested in California is accused of being a Daesh takfiri terrorist group’s ringleader and killing a police…

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Iraqi commander pays tribute to Imam Khomeini

Iraq’s border guards commander paid tribute to the late founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on Monday. Major General Hamid Abdullah…

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Iraq elections results almost unchanged after manual recount

Almost no change has been made to the results of a recent parliamentary election in Iraq after ballots were manually…

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Iraqi troops kill 14 Daesh terrorists, destroy 4 armored vehicles in Anbar

More than a dozen members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group have been killed after Iraqi security forces launched a…

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