Female suicide bomber martyrs 41 pilgrims in Baghdad

A female suicide bomber blew herself up among a crowd of Shiite pilgrims on their way by foot to a…

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Suicide bomb martyred Iraqi Shia pilgrims in Baghdad

At least six shiite plilrims have been martyred in a suicide bomb attack on pilgrims in north-east Baghdad, police say.…

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Shiites locomotion towards Karbala for pilgrimage of Imam Hussain (a.s)

Millions of Shiites from different cities of Iraq have commenced their journey on shanks pony towards Karbala for pilgrimage of…

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18 Killed, 80 Hurt and Forensics HQ Destroyed in Baghdad Bomb

A suicide attacker Tuesday blew up his vehicle as he raced it at Iraq’s forensics headquarters in central Baghdad, killing…

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Iraq hangs ‘Chemical Ali’

Saddam Hussein’s notorious first cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majid al-Tikritieh, also known as ‘Chemical Ali,’ was executed on Monday in Baghdad…

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Security plan in Karbala with 15,000 policemen for pilgrimage

Security forces in Karbala on Sunday launched a security plan involving the deployment of 15,000 policemen in the holy Shiite…

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Al-Sadr urges US forces to leave Iraq at once

Iraq’s senior Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has urged US occupying forces in Iraq to leave the country as soon as…

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‘US to surrender Iraq to extremists’ Baathist and Takfiris

An Iraqi parliamentarian warns of alleged US plans to surrender the country to extremists, urging resistance on the part of…

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Kuwaiti Interior Ministry reverses Al-Arifi ban under the pressure of Wahabis

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has withdrawn their decision to bar biased Saudi cleric Mohammed Al-Arifi from entry into the country,…

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Iraq.30 wounded in Mosul car bomb attack

A car bomb has targeted an Iraqi army base in the restive city of Mosul, leaving at least 20 security…

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