Iraqis rally against anti-Islam film, cartoons.

Iraqis have staged a huge anti-US demonstration in the capital to protest against a film insulting Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),Tens…

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Former Shia governor of Basra Mohammed Misbah Waili assassinated

Former governor of Basra Muhammad Misbah Waili was assassinated in a terrorist attack on Friday. Takfiri terrorists of Iraq armed…

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Al-Qaeda’s leading member killed in southern Baqubah

Security source said in a statement that a senior leading member for al-Qaeda was killed in a security operation conducted…

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Iraq tells US: Don’t delist MKO as a terrorist group

Iraq has denounced the United States’ plan to remove the anti-Iranian Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) from the US State Department’s…

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Iraq province bans Bahraini carrier flights in protest to repression

Officials in Iraq’s Najaf Province have banned the flights operated by Bahrain’s carrier in a show of solidarity with anti-regime…

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Iraqi Shias and Sunnis stage joint rallies to denounce blasphemous movie

In Baghdad, hundreds of protesters gathered in Sadr’s stronghold of Sadr City, holding up posters of Sadr, burning U.S. flags…

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A cache, prepared to smuggle to Syria, seized in Nasiriyah

Police forces in Nasiriyah seized a cache of weapons in a house in a village east of the city of…

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Car bombs in Baghdad kill 32, injure over 100

A series of car bombs in six mainly Shia districts around the Iraqi capital Baghdad has killed at least 32…

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Eight killed in bomb attacks targeting Shias in Iraq’s Kirkuk

At least eight people have been killed in bomb attacks targeting Shia places of worship in the northern Iraqi city…

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Director of Terrorism Combating office murdered in Shirqat

Director of Terrorism-Combating office of Shirqat district was killed due to an explosion of a bomb placed in his car…

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