100 Lebanese and Palestinian clerics condemn ‘Deal of Century’

A group of over 100 Palestinian and Lebanese clerics held a meeting in the Lebanese city of Saida, condemning the…

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Beirut: Conference in support of Palestinian, ‘No for Deal of Century’

“No for Deal of Century”, a slogan repeatedly voiced in a hall of a Beirut hotel, which hosted on Friday…

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Lebanese Army constructing a watchtower in Face of Israeli Enemy

The Lebanese army embarked constructing a watchtower in Ras Naqqoura area in face of the Israeli military sites on Lebanon’s…

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MBS’s aide played central role in Hariri’s abduction and interrogation: UN

UN investigators say a close aide to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was involved in the assassination of…

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Israeli Warplanes Continue Violation of Lebanon’s Sovereignty

Shiite News Monitoring Desk, The Israeli warplanes recently intensified violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, flying over the various southern towns. Lebanese…

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Lebanon: Security forces arrests Daesh-linked Takfiri terrorist

Lebanese Security forces have arrested a Syrian national suspected of having links to the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group that was…

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Syrian refugees staying in Lebanon for economic reasons, not security fear: Bassil

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil says Syrian refugees are staying in Lebanon for economic reasons, even though three quarters of…

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We will not participate in the Bahrain conference: Lebanese FM

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil says his country is boycotting the forthcoming US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President…

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Israel train Military cadets how to occupy a village in Lebanon in a future war

Military cadets at an Israeli officer training school have drilled how to occupy a village in Lebanon in a future…

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Hezbollah Improved Fighting Capacities: Israeli Intelligence Chief

Israeli Intelligence Chief Tamir Hayman stressed that the Syrian army had recovered in a way faster than it had been…

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