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Lebanese Druze party leader praises Iran for saving region from terrorists

Druze Party leader Prince Talal Arslan Arslan who is also caretaker Lebanese Minister for the Displaced People, lauded role of…

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Lebanese Sunni Parliamentarian rule out govt formation if demands not met

The Consultative Gathering, a newly-formed bloc of six Hizbullah-backed Sunni MPs, has ruled out an imminent government formation if its…

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Hizbullah tells Bkirki that Lebanese government formation still possible

A delegation of Lebanese Hizbullah said after talks with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi in Bkirki that granting the Lebanese a…

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Daesh sleeper cell of four Syrians in Mount Lebanon busted

The Lebanese security officials have busted a Daesh sleeper cell consisting of four Syrian nationals, affiliated with the Daesh Takfiri…

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Israel violates Lebanese sovereignty for unlawful attacks on Syria

Lebanon is set to lodge another complaint against Israel at the United Nations Security Council, after the Zionist airstrikes launched…

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Lebanese rally in Beirut to protest against corruption

Lebanese protesters have come out in streets in Beirut to protest rampant corruption, poor living conditions and deteriorating economic conditions…

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Israel does not want peace and Lebanon doesn’t want war: Hariri

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has said that Israeli regime would not succeed in case it opts to launch a…

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Iraqi anti-terrorist militia announces support to Lebanese Hezbollah

An Iraqi anti-terror paramilitary group has pledged to stand by Hezbollah in the event of a war following recent Israeli…

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Lebanese ISF foiled major terror attack thru Operation Lethal Cheese

Lebanese Internal Security Forces foiled major terrorist attacks on places of worship and military positions for which terrorists had recruited…

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No place in Israel safe from Hizbullah missiles: Naim Qassem

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general has said there is no spot across Israel outside the range of the missiles of Lebanese…

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