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US economic war against Hezbollah will fail: Sheikh Qassem

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the US is trying to reform the Middle East so that…

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Michel Aoun rejects Israel ‘sovereignty’ over Syrian Golan 

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says his country does not recognize Israeli “sovereignty” over the occupied Golan Heights. During a meeting…

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US is the main source and sponsor of terror in world, Blacklisting of IRGC Proves US Failure: Nasrullah

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has censured the United States for designating Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards…

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US administration shows its savage image by blocking Aids to Flood-Hit Iran: Hezbollah

Hezbollah lashed out at the US administration over blocking cash assistance and humanitarian aids to flood-hit Iran. In a statement…

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If Land No Longer Exists, It’s Natural that Peace Will Also Be Lost: Lebanese President

Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, called for a unified Arab stance towards the Arab struggle with the Israeli enemy. In an…

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Lebanon’s Shebaa Locals Challenge Israeli Measures, Cross into Their Occupied Lands

Locals from the Lebanese southern town of Shebaa managed on Friday to penetrate the Israeli military measures, crossing in to…

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After 37 Years, Body of Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanon War Returned to Israel

The Russian Federation retrieved and returned the body of an Israeli soldier that was killed during the Lebanese Civil War.…

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Hezbollah Hails President Aoun’s Stances, Criticizes Arab League Resolutions

Hezbollah stressed on Monday that the Arab League’s resolution failed to match the seriousness of the Umma’s current stage and…

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Lebanese Speaker Visit to Iraq, Ayatollah Sistani Welcomes Nabih Berri

Iraq’s religious reference Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani welcomed on Monday the Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri in the Holy city…

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9 year-old Hawraa to Sayyed Nasrallah: “Take the money, and buy a rocket; I love you”

A nine-year-old girl, called Hawraa Nadda, opened her moneybox in which she was raising an amount scheduled to be used…

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