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Hezbollah Condemns US-Saudi Massacres against Yemen’s Civilians

Hezbollah Thursday issued a statement in which it denounced the “continuous US-Saudi brutal massacres committed against the civilians in Yemen”,…

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Berri: Barriers Preventing Lebanon’s Cabinet Formation Related to Ministerial Shares

Lebanon’s House Speaker Nabih Berri called on Wednesday, during the regular meeting with the members of the parliament, for a…

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Hezbollah Displays Booty Seized from Israel’s Elite Military Units during 2006 War

Hezbollah War Media Center revealed part of the booty seized by the Islamic Resistance fighters from the Israeli elite military…

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Hezbollah: Maduro Assassination Attempt Comes in Context of US Conspiracies against States Supporting Palestinian Cause

Hezbollah issued on Monday a statement in which it strongly denounced the failed assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President Nicolas…

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Hezbollah: Targeting Yemen Civilians Indicates Saudi Failure, Moral Decay

Hezbollah lashed out at the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, as he denounced the massacre in Hudeidah, which killed and injured…

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Hezbollah Air Force Displays Drone Squadron

Hezbollah air force added a drone squadron to the weaponry displayed at the Mlita Museum for Resistance Tourism in southern…

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Hezbollah: ‘Deal of the Century’ will be defeated due to the strength of the Islamic Resistance

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hashim Safiuddin said Trump’s “Deal of the Century” will be defeated due to the strength of the…

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Lebanon’s President: Nation Does not stand without Army

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Wednesday hailed the performance of the Lebanese army in the recent successful “Fajr…

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Lebanon-Iraq Intelligence Cooperation Cracks down on Iraqi Mafia Operating against Lebanese Banks

Clamping down on an Iraqi fraud network operating against Lebanese banks is a major accomplishment that has had its positive…

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Hezbollah Denounces Suweida Attacks: “US Involved in This Blatant Crime”

Hezbollah on Thursday denounced the terrorists blast in Syria’s Suweida, warning that the US occupation forces in Tanf are involved…

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