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Israeli soldier wanted by Colombia for sex trafficking, arrested in Portugal

A former Israeli soldier wanted by Colombia for sex trafficking, including of minors, has been arrested in Portugal. Police arrested…

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Bahrain from Normalization to Conspiring against Palestinians

If the Palestinians themselves refuse to take part in the “Peace to Prosperity” workshop (first step of the so-called deal…

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Palestinian nation rejects US controversial proposal “the deal of the century”: Hamas

A high-ranking member of the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, says the Palestinian nation vigorously rejects US President Donald Trump’s controversial…

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No one authorized to act on Palestinians’ behalf at Bahrain confab: Hamas

A spokesman for the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, says Palestinians will not allow anyone to relinquish or trade their cause…

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Israeli settler kills Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

An Israeli settler has run over and killed a Palestinian man in the northwestern part of the occupied West Bank.…

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Explosion hits Israeli military base in Tel Aviv

At least one explosion has rocked an Israeli military base in Tel Aviv, causing a fire and inflicting material damage,…

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Palestinian Child with Cancer Died Alone after ‘Israel’ Prevented Family Accompaniment

Five-year-old Palestinian girl with cancer died alone in a hospital after Israeli authorities prevented her family from accompanying her from…

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Zionist forces arrests 100 Palestinians in first ten days of Ramadan

A Palestinian human rights organization says it has documented the arrest of 100 Palestinians, including four women, by Israeli forces…

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Amnesty urges punishing Israeli firm behind WhatsApp breach

Amnesty International says the Israeli firm behind a recent security breach that targeted human rights activists using the WhatsApp messenger…

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Facebook blocked 265 accounts, pages, groups, and events linked to Israel

Facebook cracks down on widespread Israel-linked activity, which it found to be in breach of other subscribers’ privacy and in…

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