‘New Gaza war will riddle occupied lands’

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has warned against any Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, saying that any attack would permeate through…

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Blast kills one near Gaza police HQ

A massive explosion near the main police headquarters in the Hamas-controlled and blockaded Gaza has claimed the life of a…

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PA: East al-Quds, capital of Palestine

Palestinian Authority (PA) Caretaker Prime Minister Salam Feyadh has pledged that East al-Quds (Jerusalem) would be the capital of the…

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Hamas slams al-Quds church attack

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has denounced a recent attack by Israeli settlers against a church in western al-Quds (Jerusalem). The…

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Gaza marks Islamic Jihad anniversary

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have taken to the streets of the Gaza Strip to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of…

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Israel slammed for ‘human trafficking’

Migrants to Israel have denounced as “human trafficking” Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to pay African nations to take them…

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Israeli Soldiers Shamelessly Burn Holy Quran

During an overnight attack on a Palestinian family in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers have reportedly burnt the Muslim…

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Israeli forces martyr another Palestinian

An Israeli air strike on Gaza has killed two Palestinians and injured one another early Sunday, Palestinian officials and medics…

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Gazans denounce ‘humiliating’ video

Palestinian detainee Ihsan al-Dababsi from the southern West Bank village of Nuba Gaza residents have staged a sit-in protest to…

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Israeli air raid kills three Palestinian resistance fighters

GAZA, Three resistance fighters were killed in an Israeli air raid on central Gaza Strip at a late hour on…

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