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World sees unmatched Pakistan unity on Kashmir on Eid

Ghulam Hussain / Shiite News Special

Pakistani nation is celebrating Eid with simplicity to express solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris who have fallen victims to intensified Indian brutalities. Most importantly, the entire nation demonstrates unmatched unity on the issue of Kashmir amid latest Indian tyranny.

The entire world can see one such example in Azad Kashmir. There, political opponents stood shoulder to shoulder with each other against India.

Notably, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the opposition party leader Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari offered Eid prayers in Azad Kashmir. PML-N’s leaders also accompanied them.

Pakistan People’s Party chairman made clear he came to share Eid day with Kashmiris to tell the world Kashmiris are not alone. Moreover, he stood with Foreign Minister and Azad Kashmir’s leaders during prayers as well.

And these two gestures aim at conveying a clear message to the world Pakistan remains united on the issue of Kashmir.

Pakistani nation, polity, all institutions and security establishment are on same page. They unanimously condemn Indian atrocities in India-occupied Kashmir. They unanimously urge international community to take action against warmongering India.

However, Pakistani regime, polity and common man are reacting to Indian crimes against humanity, rationally and responsibly. One can easily get this point from Pakistani narrative on Kashmir.

Pakistan doesn’t want war nor it will initiate or provoke that. Pakistan believes in resolving dispute through peaceful means mainly talks/dialogue. Pakistan always told the world community it remains ready for talks. But, India never reciprocated in same spirit.

International community should end its decades-old hypocrisy and recognise the very fact that Pakistan always played key role in maintenance of world peace.

The world jolted Pakistani nation by not recognizing this very fact. Should Pakistani nation remind them on who initiated nuclear weapons race in South Asia?f Pakistan need to remind them who occupied Kashmir with double standards: different accession criterion for Hyderabad (Deccan) and Kashmir!!!!

Even ICJ secretary general now condemned India for violating its own Constitution by revoking Article 370, let alone international law.

Pakistan’s nation message to the world is very much clear and loud. How long Pakistan unilaterally observe patience and tolerance? How long Kashmiris will continue to long for justice?! India has not allowed them even to perform Eid rituals in valley of occupied Kashmir. Whither world conscience?! Please act lest nothing unilateral because patience has its limits.


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