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Trump implies US blackmailing work against Pakistan!?

By Ain Ali / Shiite News Exclusive

United States President Donald Trump, it seems, has ridiculed Pakistan one more time when he implied aid cut improved US-Pakistan relations. And that also implied that US blackmailing work when it comes to ties with Pakistan.

At Morristown Municipal Airport, Morristown, New Jersey, President Trump talked to reporters before Air Force One departure.

There, he said: “We give billions and billions of dollars to countries that don’t like us — don’t like us even a little bit.” And I’ve been cutting that, he added.

That remarks compelled a reporter to ask how Trump sees that cutting aid to them is helping the United States. Does it make us safer? Does it make us wealthier, he asked.

The US President replied: “You know, I cut back $1.3 billion a year to Pakistan. And when I cut it back, I have a better relationship.”

“As you know, the President came in, and we have a great relationship. Prime Minister came in. We have a great relationship with Pakistan now.” Trump thinks aid cut brought all this. He termed he had a really good meeting with PM Khan.

As a matter of fact President Trump said: “So, what happened: I cut back $1.3 billion. We have a better relationship now.”

Most importantly, aforesaid remarks reflect the true nature of Pakistan-US relations. It shows the bilateral ties based on US blackmailing.

That factual statement from President Trump poses a big question mark on the incumbent government’s tall claims. Because, Pak-US relations continue to remain sort of cliental one against which the most allied ally Ayub Khan had to roar: friend, not master!.

Unfortunately, great Pakistani nation also continues to fail to comprehend this very fact of Pak-US ties.

Thanks Mr. President! At least you fully understand true nature of your relations with Pakistan. However, we must thank you for citing another incontrovertible fact. Because, Mr President you mentioned Pakistan among the “countries that don’t like US— don’t like US even a little bit.”


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