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Pakistan Foreign Minister becomes defence minister of UAE!

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Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has defended the United Arab Emirates (UAE) instead of lodging protest against awarding highest Order of Zayed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

That has given impression if he has also become Defence Minister of UAE. Most shockingly, he spoke like a non-Pakistani on the issue.

His new theory has it: “International relations are above religious sentiments.”

What does he mean? Pakistan came into being on religious ground. What does ideology of Pakistan mean on Two Nation theory?

Does Qureshi not represent the country called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Did Muslim nations not form their international bloc Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). Both Pakistan and UAE are not Muslim countries?

What did he mean? Irony after irony that Qureshi made the worst ever ludicrous remarks. What does PTI ‘s New Pakistan? Is this that new Pakistan where Islam has no role, no place in policy-making?

No sir! Mr. Foreign Minister. Please stop becoming defence minister of UAE. International relations also don’t require you to defence any other sovereign country.

The so-called IR norms also don’t require Foreign Minister of Pakistan to become sycophant of the friend of an enemy state.

Mr. Foreign Minister, please stop all this. Sir, you have mortified the feelings of the entire Pakistani nation. It amounts to betray the very raison d’être of Pakistan and OIC.

If Pakistan Foreign Minister cannot condemn UAE and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for awarding Modi their highest awards? At least lodge protest, please.


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