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No power can silence azadars who wail Ya Hussain!

Ghulam Hussain / Shiite News Exclusive

The admirers and followers of Imam Hussain (AS) continue to observe azadari rituals as usual despite heavy rainfall in Karachi and elsewhere across Pakistan.

Notably, azadars reached Nishtar Park amid heavy rainfall for first Majlis of first Ashra-e-Moharram at Karachi’s main venue. Second day too, they reached as usual.

Furthermore, they had no dry place to sit comfortably but they ignored everything for the sake of azadari. Rainfall continued to immerse all.

Meanwhile, Allama Shahenshah Naqvi addressed the Majlis while a volunteer had given a small and inadequate umbrella cover.

Most importantly, Sadat Colony that outsiders know as Incholi got submerged and all roads leading to Imam Bargah inundated. But, azadari continued and continues till this report.

No different news from other parts of Sindh specially Hyderabad, Thatta or Badin, etc. There too, azadars lacked interest in meteorology and Met predictions. They largely participate in majlis and matam.

Shia Muslims observe sacred mourn in commemoration of Imam Hussain-led great martyrs of Karbala. They pay homage to them on their martyrdoms anniversary in Moharram.

Others also follow the suit. Sunnis and non-Muslims also observe azadari or sacred mourning.

Therefore, azadari remains a matchless ritual and tradition of Shia Islam. Shia Muslims have an unwavering allegiance to and profound adoration for Imam Hussain, in particular. However, they follow Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last apostle of God and Prophet of Islam and humanity and his infallible Ahl-e-Bait. And this remains the invincible pillar of Shia Islamic ideology.

For that reason, azadari continues to attract each and every Shia Muslim to date because it manifests their feelings for adoring 14 infallibles.

Most importantly, Imam Hussain became a symbol of unmatched resistance and steadfastness against the forces of tyranny in human history.

When I pen this article, I see lightning in cloudy sky. Rains continue to lash everything under open sky but azadari thunders more forcefully.

The message from earth to sky: No power can silence azadars who wail Ya Hussain!


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