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Prime Minister of Pakistan goes to Saudi Arabia for what?

Mohammad Ammar

Shiite News Exclusive

After having been in regular contact with MBS, Prime Minister of Pakistan reaches Saudi Arabia to seek support on Kashmir issue.

Notably, the PM Office has issued a statement regarding Prime Minister Imran’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

It said that the premier will discuss the “grave situation” in occupied Kashmir. Indian government’s decision to strip the region of its autonomy on August 5 has created that grave situation.

Furthermore, PM office said PM Khan has been in regular contact with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the issue.

Therefore, that statement remains ludicrous particularly to Kashmiris and Pakistanis. Because, they want to know outcome of those regular contacts!!

Factually speaking, many in Pakistan believes that Imran Khan’s latest Saudi visit aims at seeking more dictation on the issue.

Particularly, MBS may dictate Prime Minister of Pakistan what he should speak at United Nations General Assembly and on the sidelines.

Moreover, MBS and the entire Saudi monarchy prefer India to Pakistan but their proxies in Pakistan try their best to hide this fact.

However, Prime Minister of Pakistan will also fail in hiding his failure to win Saudi support against Modi-led India.

Most importantly, the GCC-3 (Saudi, UAE, Bahrain) have made it public their support to India humiliating Pakistan and Kashmiris.

Unfortunately, media blackouts facts; otherwise, Saudi monarchy has been dealing with Pakistan as a colony instead of a sovereign state.

This disheartens great Pakistani nation much but the regime has not learnt lesson from pro-India Saudi-led GCC-3 policy.

Due to Saudi-led GCC-3, the regime has been sacrificing Pakistan’s own interests by lowering relations with those countries who GCC-3 detests. And that mindset has brought Pakistan to knee.


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