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Iraq protests a message to the government from US and allied regimes

In 2016 election campaign, Trump named President Obama founder and Hillary Clinton co-founder of ISIS alias Daesh.

Iraq protests a message to the government from US and allied regimes. Iraq protests nothing but a message to the government of that country. Why? Because, historical facts lead us to conclude so.

From British Colonial Control to US Occupation

Since British colonial control to US war in 2003, Iraq has fallen to greedy global powers. Those big powers eyed Iraqi oil. And from strategic standpoint, they sought to make it a country that toe their line on regional and global issues.

But, Iraqi nation defeated their plans. The team #POTUS43 George W. Bush wanted to install another strongman after the fall of Saddam. Iyad Allawi remained their ideal choice.

Iraqis under Ayatollah Sistani’s guidance triumph

Since Grand Ayatollah Sistani rejected that idea and supported the new political system which Iraqi nation chooses for them. Iraqi nation chose democracy. The team Bush Jr. failed.

Then came US military presence. Iraqi nation considered them occupiers and pressured their elected government to ask US to leave.

Iraqi nation independence and freedom irk US

Hence, Iraqi Parliament and government demanded US military withdrawal. Finally, #US under #POTUS44 Barack Obama had to order US military withdrawal from Iraq. They wanted to prolong their military presence like they were doping in Afghanistan. But, Iraqi nation the US administration fail again.

US hires proxies in Iraq and region

As far as so-called ‘Sunni insurgency’ or ‘Sunni Awakening was concerned, Hillary gave a breaking news on them. She wrote: “In what became known as the Sunni Awakening, more than 100,000 tribal fighters switched sides and ended up on the American payroll.”

Factually, it remains US modus operandi. For instance, in Afghanistan, they ran an insurgency against the insurgency of Taliban. Bob Woodward wrote this line of #POTUS45 Donald Trump which he began repeating at White House.

Citing these two quoted examples aim at elucidating ‘behind-the-scene’ ground realities.

Hillary Clinton confesses meddling into other countries affairs

Specially, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confessed of having invested tens of millions of dollars and having trained more than five thousand activists around the world.

Let alone that, she admitted to having provided satellite-linked computers, telephones, cameras, and training for more than a thousand activists, students, and independent journalists.

#POTUS45 Trump named #POTUS 44 Obama founder of Daesh

Not to forget the 2016 election campaign where Trump told his supporters that President Obama founded ISIS. Furthermore, he also named Hillary Clinton as co-founder of ISIS aka Daesh.

Keeping these examples in view, one need to analyze Iraq protests. Since Iraqi government and polity don’t obey US dictation against Iran, it irks #POTUS Trump-led administration.

Iran remains indispensable for Iraq

Incumbent Iraq government remains indebted to Iran for many reasons. Notably, Iran had helped them when Saddam, enjoying US support, had been persecuting them. Many spent exile in Iran or slipped to other countries via Iran.

Now, Iran remains prime source of their energy needs. Additionally, Iran’s military advisers helped Iraq liberate occupied areas from Daesh control.

Iraqis cannot go against Iran this way

Hence, burning Iranian flags or sloganeering against Iran during Iraq protests cannot be stated an Iraqi job. Those activists whom US or its allied regimes have trained, funded and equipped, hijacked those protests.

And through them, US and its allied regimes sent a message to Iraq government of instability through managed chaos.

US failure written on on the wall

However, fake news and hijacking public rallies through proxies could not win US and allied regimes anything in Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Iraq too remains no different. Their cultural, economic and security ties with Iran is critical for internal stability because US and allied regimes lack credibility in Iraq.

By Ghulam Hussain / Shiite News Special



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