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Who are bent upon destroying Iraq Arab Muslim Democracy?

Who are bent upon destroying Iraq

M.S.Mehdi for Shiite News Exclusive

Keeping in view prevailing crisis, the foremost relevant question remains: Who are bent upon destroying Iraq Arab Muslim Democracy?

Due to fear from democracy, some regimes don’t tolerate smooth evolution of democracy in Arab Muslim country Iraq.

Therefore, critics see their involvement in the targeted violent attacks across Iraq.

Destroyers of democracy


However, the destroyers also include insiders. As far as insiders are concerned, they are Saddamists who detest representative and inclusive democracy.


Takfiris also oppose democracy because the latter gives no space to intolerant, hatemongering anti-humanity takfirism.

Arab regimes

Outsiders include those Arab regimes who have no democracy in their countries.

For instance Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan or dictators such as al-Sissi.

Why fear from democracy

Interestingly, Iraq democracy remains a source of inspiration for Arab Muslims in Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Because, the GCC monarchies deny people their democratic rights.

Hence, they want Iraq democracy to fail.

US also like strongman

Originally, United States administration had planned to install a strongman to succeed Saddam. The CIA had lobbied for their darling Iyad Alawi.

But, people of Iraq rallied under guidance of supreme religious authority and strive to establish democracy. They succeeded. That means US plan failed.

Israel wants toothless Iraq

Moreover, Israel also sees Iraq as problem due to democracy because Arab streets remain staunch supporter of Palestine.

In other words, Arabs in a democracy influence their regime to never recognize Israel as a nation-state. Additionally, GCC monarchies, Jordan and Egypt suit Israeli interests.

Corporatocracy eyes control

The so-called corporatocracy also wants their men in powerful offices so that they may win contracts at will.

Since Western corporatocracy remains opposed to China and Russia, they don’t tolerate growing clouts of rivals from these nations.


Hence, they all have joined hands against Iraq democracy. Furthermore, they use insiders as proxies.

Their assets always acted upon their dictates. Presently, they have aimed at destroying Iraq democracy under deceptive pretexts. These Saddamists, takfiris and their foreign masters other henchmen have infiltrated protesters.

And now world can see how these infiltrators are serving the interests of Corporatocracy, US, Israel and monarchies. So, it remains a difficult phase for Iraq democracy because hijackers are fighting a war of enemies’ control over Iraq.

M.S.Mehdi for Shiite News Exclusive


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