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Kuala Lumpur Islamic Summit makes Saudi leadership uneasy

Kuala Lumpur Islamic Summit makes Saudi leadership uneasy because it impresses the world of new leadership of Islamic world.

MS Mehdi for Shiite News Exclusive

Why Saudis worry

Muslims around the world detest intolerant Wahhabism, the official religion of Saudi regime. But, the latter successfully hid them under the cover of custodian of two holy shrines of Islam.

Politically, Muslims never agreed with the Saudi monarchy because the Saudis always toed pro-Israel US line at global and regional political landscape.

What Pakistanis think

For Pakistanis, Kashmir issue tops everything while the rest of Muslim world sees Palestine issue as core issue of the entire Ummah.

Specially, they also enjoy overwhelming support from Christian Arabs and many liberals in the West on Palestine issue.

Saudi fails OIC

Unfortunately, Saudi monarchy uses the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to advance its own pro-US Wahhabi interest. And pro-Israel US never wanted to let Israel down.

Palestine-Kashmir issues

Resultantly, Palestine issue remained unresolved. Even US media and investigative journalists have revealed behind the scene conversation of Saudi King and US President that portray them as cheaters.

They used Palestine issue to hoodwink Muslims and Arabs.

Israel factor

Ironically, Israel expanded its clout through US-led West. Finally, it persuaded India to change its pro-Palestine foreign policy. Amazingly, India too became friend of Israel, let alone US and Saudi Arabia.

Kashmir and India

Hence, Kashmir issue too plunged into abyss due to nexus of Saudi-US-Israel. However, Israel-Saudi nexus remains in very low-profile because Saudi monarchy don’t announce de jure recognition of Israel.

Due to these factors, many see war on Yemen, meddling into Syrian affairs, facilitation to US-led NATO war on Libya and tension with Iran as Israeli game through Saudi-led coalition.

Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

Additionally, Saudi regime detests Muslim Brotherhood and its ideological followers such as Hamas. Its anti-MB and anti-Hamas decisions engendered chain of reaction.

That also affected Saudi relations with pro-MB Qatar and Turkey. The nexus of Saudi with US and Israel threw Sudan’s Omar al Bashir into dustbin of history.

Although Pakistan government has no problems with said developments, it remains concerned with fallout of that agenda of the said nexus badly affecting Kashmir Cause.

Hidden agenda

Interestingly, the broader agenda of the pro-Israel US always prefer its own interest which implied its search for alternate Muslim leadership.

The reason behind that search had it the vast majority of Muslim world dislikes Saudi monarchy and particularly its Wahhabism. That shows Saudi monarchy lacks legitimacy of Islamic world leadership.

Kuala Lumpur Islamic Summit

Hence, Kuala Lumpur summit is being considered an alternate platform to the Islamic Ummah but the host denies it. Presently, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad dispelled the impression of alternate leadership of Islamic world.

Factually, pro-MB Turkey and Qatar, pro-Kashmir Pakistan and pro-US Indonesia along with the host Malaysia have emerged as a new group of 5.

The commonality among them has it they all remain part of US bloc despite verbal opposition; therefore, logically, US should see no threat from the group of 5.

Challenge to Saudi monarchy

Islamic world too should not take Kuala Lumpur Summit seriously. Nothing substantial may come from pro-US regimes in the interest of Arab world and Muslim Ummah.

Kuala Lumpur Convention may remain a venue where the world will notice catharsis of Muslim thinkers and scholars from December 18 to 21.

But, even then, Kuala Lumpur Summit poses serious challenge to Saudi leadership as an alternate platform as it unmasks the emptiness of Saudi claim to Islamic leadership. So, this summit remains a power play or power show without formal announcement.

MS Mehdi for Shiite News Exclusive


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