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Understanding Israeli approach to the Muslim world in 2020 and Pakistan

Israeli agenda and Pakistan

Understanding Israeli approach to the Muslim world in 2020 and Pakistan. How to understand Israeli approach to the Muslim world in 2010, a Jewish think tank made it easy for the entire world.

Thanks to the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS) that has released forecast for their political and security establishment.

Jewish Zionist Agenda

Established in 2017, the Institute JISS offers security expertise for a ‘strong Israel.’

According to its own intro, it provides counsel to the highest echelons of Israeli government and trains the next generation of Israeli national security specialists.

Furthermore, it considers the Jewish People’s historic connection to the Land of Israel a central component of strategic worldview.

It highlights the importance of united Jerusalem to Israel’s destiny and defense.

Israeli war agenda an eye opener

Therefore, its forecast remains eye opener for the rest of the world because it has guided the Israeli regime for readiness to preemptive war. It says that Israel must remain ready for escalation, including pre-emptive warfare with Hizbullah.

The JISS forecast and guidance for Israel regarding Iran too remains dangerous. It emphasised Israel must be ready to tackle Iran on its own.

US Iran talks irk Tel Aviv

Simultaneously, Israel must be prepared for the problematic possibility of renewed US-Iran talks. It urged Israel to work to ensure full coordination with Washington regarding the demands to Iran.

Although it seems forecast related suggestions, senior foreign policy experts around the world know well of JISS-regime nexus. They are also well aware that the suggested points have remained integral part of Israel policy for long.

In a nutshell, Israel has planned to engineer the regional and global political landscape in Israeli interest at the cost of the world peace.

Factually speaking, Netanyahu government had already been implementing what the JISS recommended for 2020.

Israeli Lobby continues to pit Washington DC against Iran and they don’t want fair US talks with Iran. That is why the JISS used the words “problematic possibility of renewed US-Iran talks.”


Similarly, Israel uses Russia for its interest and in return facilitate Russia through the Lobby in Washington DC.

Due to Russia’s role in Syria, Moscow becomes a key actor in Middle East. Israel also balances ties with China in a manner which don’t irritate US.

GCC-Arab states

Tel Aviv plots to occupy the entire Jerusalem compelling the Muslim countries to recognize its claim also to al Quds (East Jerusalem).

For that reason, Israel eyes support from GCC countries, including Qatar and non-GCC Arab League’s Egypt and Jordan.

Israel is killing two birds with one stone. One the one hand, its Lobby brought GCC closer to Israel and on the other Jewish Lobby are using GCC to compel India to stay away from India.

Lesson for Pakistan

Pakistanis must not ignore the point that GCC heavyweights Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are toeing Israeli line. They prefer India to Pakistan because it remains Israeli plan.

That means Israel dictated Saudi and UAE to pressure Pakistan to skip Kuala Lumpur Summit. Even the former military general and now a Senator from somehow pro-Saudi PMLN, Abdul Qayyoom Khan rightly called it diplomatic blunder.

In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan made a diplomatic blunder with serious implications for Pakistan. Senator Mushahid Syed also rightly called it damaging.

Untrustworthy regimes

Pakistan cannot trust Jewish state of Israel whom founding fathers of Pakistan had rejected since the day one. Having said that, Pakistan cannot trust the GCC monarchies who always bogged down Pakistan into quagmire of crisis.

Specially, the JISS also predicted unexpected twists in which it foresees GCC-Iran war.

Israeli agenda and Pakistan

Keeping in view this Jewish Zionist scenario for the Muslim world, Pakistan regime must begin exploring its options.

KL Summit grouping

Time has come to choose between US-GCC and Iran-Turkey-Malaysia (KL Summit) grouping. The US-GCC grouping had nothing but conditional debts to offer.

The KL Summit grouping offers huge markets for Pakistan to enhance its exports. Malaysia’s 140 billion import market offer much to Pakistan. Similarly, Turkey, Iran and Qatar also offer a viable alternate for Pakistan for commercial relations.

These countries relations will help Pakistan overcome its financial crisis within the shortest possible duration as compared to US-GCC.

And this new grouping has huge potential to defear Zionist plots against Muslims and Arabs.

Ghulam Hussain for Shiite News Exclusive




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