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Politicization of Ukraine plane crash in Iran through media campaign

Politicization of Ukraine plane crash in Iran through media campaign will not serve interest of humanity. Facts remain sacred. Truth in its entirety must prevail. It is Iran that has suffered the most due to plane crash.

As many as 147 victims were Iranians. Some of them had dual nationalities but originally they all were Iranians.

Politicization of Ukraine plane crash

In spite of US-led Western bloc’s malicious politicization of the mishap, many in the West blamed US administration for it.

View from Canada

For example chief executive of Canadian food packaging company Maple Leaf Foods (MLFNF) Michael McCain said that one of his colleagues lost his wife and 11-year-old son.

In a series of tweets posted on his company’s verified Twitter account, held said ultimate responsibility goes to US President Donald Trump.

He believed President Donald Trump’s actions in the Middle East ultimately responsible for these deaths.

He also described them as the collateral damage of an ill-conceived plan to divert attention from political woes.

How anti-war US streets view

The anti-war US-based peace activists also held Washington DC responsible for tension due to its warmongering. Jane Fonda slammed US government for assassinating Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani in illegal airstrikes in Baghdad.

The Code Pink has begun protest campaign against Trump-led administration’s warmongering. It also blamed Trump for Ukraine plane crash.

However, it has reminded the US administration of its anti-Iran policy with a taunt: “America stands with you (as it sanctions you to death).”

US State Department’s Tech-Camp

Because of those feelings, the TechCamp-trained digital media war’s warriors have made every effort to defame Iran to divert attention from facts.

Let alone plane crash amid war-like situation, digital media war champions had earlier manipulated facts on Iraq and Lebanon.

US failure

But, at the end of the day, Iraqi Parliament formally issued binding demand for complete US military pullout.

Lebanon has picked up a consensus nominee for Prime Minister due to leading efforts and active support of Hezbollah.

The media proxies hired to advance US digital diplomacy now make every effort to understate the losses which US military had to incur due to Trump’s order.

Reasons behind media war

Iran’s retaliatory missiles reduced the US military installations to ground as debris in Ain al-Assad base in Iraq. That shattered the US super power image across the world.

However, they began overstating and manipulating the reports regarding the Ukraine plane crash in Tehran. Because, they aim at diverting world attention from the scrape which Iranian retaliatory missiles engendered with perfect strikes.

Ukraine plane tragedy

No doubt Ukraine plane crash is a tragedy. But, inquiry has not yet been completed while actual position remains unknown so far.

Without complete inquiry, nothing final can be said.

Because, the other side of the story had it that US had remotely controlled the plane and got it deviated from its actual route to prohibited military area in Tehran.

US shot down Iran Air flight

However, US administration and its supporters should tell Iranian nation about Iran Air flight 655 which US Navy shot down in July 1988. All 290 Iranian civilians on board killed.

Hence, well aware Iranians ask why different reaction to the Ukraine plane crash and 1988 US surface to air missile attack!?.

The US honoured Navy team that hit Iran Air flight 655 and covered up the facts. But, Iran has admitted unintentional human error. Iran has initiated probe and accountability.

Not to forget that Russian army once targeted a Malaysian plane over Crimean Peninsula. But, in the case of Iran it appears that what brought this crash into public spotlight was the circumstances under which the tragedy happened.

President Trump ordered killing of Soleimani in June 2019. Pro-Israeli John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and others remained complicit. And that illegal assassination of an Iranian military general in Iraq engendered a chain of reaction in sequence.


US and its digital media warriors must admit their failure in this PR disaster. Iraq has demanded US military withdrawal but President Trump don’t accept.

That tells the world the whole story that US has become a rogue state that act like pirates in international relations. Its stay in Iraq shows Washington DC damn care sovereignty of other nations.

Ain Ali for Shiite News Exclusive


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